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I had traditional braces as a teenager, as a teenager I didn’t wear my retainers and over the years my teeth shifted and moved to the point that I was biting my lip. The clear retainer system was much easier, faster, and less painful than the traditional braces I had a youth. I am VERY happy with my smile now.


You did a fantastic job on my new crown! You worked so well together to make it a quick and comfortable procedure. The tooth feels perfect. I had meat and veggies for dinner without food being stuck. It has been a long time since that has happened. I will put the word out to others on my pleasant experience. You're the best. Have a great day!


Thank you so very much for everything you do! I couldn't believe how quickly you got me in for the tooth filling procedure - in just one day! That was so very kind of Dr. Pinzl to not charge me for his service. I would have gladly paid, REALLY! It is always so nice to come in to have my teeth cleaned or any other tooth concern taken care of OR just to talk football!You are ALL so kind!!!!! I keep on spreading the word to all my friends about the great service & kindness that I receive from all of you!

Thanks again! GO PACK GO! GO BADGERS GO!

I had a bridge on my front teeth done many years ago at another dentist. The teeth next to my bridge were darker and crooked. I never quite liked the way it looked and never smiled without thinking people were looking at my "ugly" teeth. To have a new bridge done would have been a lot of money, which I was not looking to spend. I went to see Justina, at Drs. Liesen & Pinzl for a cleaning. I told Dr. Liesen how unhappy I was. She told me we could just crown the teeth next to my bridge and the problem would be solved! I love the way it looks! She even made those teeth straighter and shaped to match the others! I couldn't be happier!!


In May 2015, I made a big decision to restore some of my teeth. I haven't really smiled for years and everytime I looked at picutres of myself; I was ashamed. I am in sales and feel it is very important to have a nice smile. Besides the fact, that I would just love to really be able to laugh again!

Thankfully, I was referred to the best dentist office ever. I could have gone to other dentists and my insurance would have paid more. But, it was more important for me to trust and like the dentist and associates. On June 9, 2015, I had my four top front teeth crowned using the CEREC method. The application was very interesting to me and I am amazed at the role technology plays in this process.

I couldn't be more pleased. My friends and associates are amazed at how beautiful and natural my teeth look. I can't stop smiling. As I drive down the road, I can't stop looking in my rear view mirror. Dr. Liesen warned me that I might have problems eating and to be patient with myself. WELL......I am having no problems at all.

I would recommend to anyone wanting to restore their teeth to consider this method. I would also recommend Dr. Liesen. She is competent, personable, and makes you feel very comfortable. With that being said, the entire staff I worked with are of the same caliber and "greatness". I must mention them by name, or I probably won't sleep tonigth! Thanks to Stacy, Lori, and Maria!!!!!

Happy, Happy, Happy!
Thanks again!


I love how my teeth have become straighter with invisalign. I noticed as I was getting older, my teeth had shifted and my bite was off. I also had some teeth that were starting to overlap each other. Invisalign has helped the teeth to go back to being straight and my bite feels normal again. Thank you so much for helping me smile again!!!


The procedure was great! Appreicated getting the crown in one appointment.


I was very pleased with the "one day" service for my crown. I also appreciated the kindness and explanation for each step from my dentist and his assitant. Being 70 years old now, I am amazed at theis new technology in dentistry!!!


What a great experience! Dr. Liesen and Maria were kind, courteous, and professional. I have a new dentist. SOOO happy.

Thank you,


I wanted to say thank you for the dental care that I have received from your professional staff. My impressions began with the first office visit when Dr. Pinzl gave me a helpful and caring overview of what I would need to restore my teeth. Several options were explained and I was educated about time, cost, and log-term outcomes. After choosing the mini-implants for the upper portion of my mouth, a schedule was set up for my convenience Extractions were most feared by me, but the procedural excellence of Dr. Pinzl made the experience comfortable. I actually did not feel any pain. After a rest period for healing, I returned for the titanium implants. Again Dr. Pinzl paid impeccable attention to detail making sure my comfort was uppermost in my care. I was educated for at home care and provided with a phone number to call at any time. At this point in my treatment, I have a temporary upper plate that I can wear while the post sites are healing and bonding. For years I had feared the dentist; however, my experience with Dr. Pinzl has given me a new perspective on dental care.

Thank you,


I had the opportunity of getting veneers from Dr. Liesen. I had a space between my front 2 teeth and my teeth were wearing unevenly. After I received my veneers I had the smile back that I lost some years back. Thank you to Dr. Liesen and her staff for restoring my smile! It means the word to me!

Dr. Tim

Thank you isn't a big enough word for what you and your staff did for me. Always making me feel comfortable - being humorous and professional at the same time. You explain each procedure. And step-by-step walk through when receiving your dentures. Word of mouth is the first thing about referrals - and they will certainly hear it from me!

Thank you again,


I can tell you that I was very impressed with Kelly and would like to have her next time as well. She explained things so I knew what she was doing, as was doing them and was efficient and thorough! Thank you Kelly!



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