New & Upcoming

Over the past few months there have been many updates and trainings at our Woodruff and Park Falls offices. Our team is always looking to expand our dental knowledge to help our patients have the best dental experience possible.

In late September, Lori, Patti, and Wendy attended a Dental Business meeting in Wisconsin Dells that helped understand how to help our patients understand their dental insurance plans. Some of the highlights were: discussing necessary treatment with patients, the dental team’s philosophy, and how that team has a great influence on a patient’s decision to receive care.

Dr. Liesen, Dr Pinzl, and Teri attended a CEREC study group in Waukesha to help move us closer to 3D printing in our offices. This study group looked at different 3D printers and different ways they can be used in the office. They can work closely with our CEREC technology and our CT scanner for making surgical guides and occlusal guards. We are hopeful to be printing some dental appliances in 2019.

In mid-October Dr. Pinzl, Dr. Liesen, Teri, and Lauren (fourth year dental student) attended a hands-on training surgically placing standard implants in the Dominican Republic. Dr. Pinzl was able to place 20 implants and assist in placing 20 more. It was an amazing experience and we look forward to being able to be placing implants at our offices by December of this year.

We recently also purchased a new 3D CT scanner in our Woodruff office to help in determining candidates for these implants. This new scanner will also help in root canal procedures, sleep appliance needs, and still be able to take our routine panoramic and bitewing x-rays.

Our hygienists Lacy and Vicky from our Park Falls office recently attended a Laser Dentistry certification course in Minneapolis, MN. Our offices can use laser treatment to reshape gums, remove diseased gum tissue, perform biopsy procedures, canker sores, and remove bacteria from under gum tissue to promote healing. Lasers are an amazingly easy and effective tool that can eliminate surgeries.

We have recently sent all of our hygienist from both of our offices to be dental laser certified!! This is a great way to help our patients treat their periodontal disease. Since we have been using this technique we have had great success in treating periodontal symptoms and decreasing bacteria below the gum line.