Laser Dentistry
By S.S. Dental Assistant
October 16, 2018
Category: Dental Procedures

Dental lasers are changing the way dentistry is practiced today.  Lasers can be used for not only surgery, but also treatments for gum disease.  There are many advantages of Laser Dentistry:

  • Reduce bleeding and swelling

  • Reduce chance for infection (the laser kills bacteria)

  • Takes less time than conventional procedures

  • Reduce pain/sensitivity

  • Quiet and vibration free

  • Reduce postoperative discomfort

  • Faster heal time

  • Affordable

Our office uses laser treatment to reshape gums, remove diseased gum tissue, perform biopsy procedures, canker sores, and remove bacteria from under gum tissue to promote healing.  Lasers are an amazingly easy and effective tool that can eliminate surgeries.   



Two of our hygienists, Lacy and Vicky, recently attended a Laser  Certification Seminar in Minnesota.

Left Photo: (starting left) Lacy, Vicky, and other hygenists.  Middle Photo: Lacy is demonstrating use of laser on Vicky.  Right Photo: Vicky, Laser Trainer, Lacy.



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