Jamaican Mission Trip
By S.S. Dental Assistant
August 09, 2018
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Jamaica Dental Mission 2018


This year was the first year members of our staff & family volunteered their time to provide care for many underserved Jamaican children and adults.  Overall, it was a safe and very successful mission.  695 patients were treated this year compared to 672 last year.  Patients were extremely grateful for the dental care.  Volunteers worked at 2 locations, Flankers and Kew Park.  Both locations received many different needed upgrades to make providing care a better experience.  Overall goal is to continue to invest in the communities that are served.  Every contribution of volunteering makes a difference!! 

Thanks go out to Dr. Liesen, Dr. Kessinger, Teri, and Rylee for volunteering their time. They took time out of their busy lives, away from their own families, and provided care for other families in need.  You ladies are awesome!!!



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