Grinding Your Teeth
By S.S Dental Assistant
September 06, 2018
Category: Oral Health
Tags: grinding   clenching   night guard   TMJ  

Grinding Your Teeth

People that grind and clench their teeth experience up to 80 times the normal wear on their teeth than those who don’t.  Teeth grinding may sound funny to you, but it can be a major pain.  With nothing to absorb the impact, and no consciousness to exert control, night time teeth grinding is powerful enough to crack a walnut!!!  It also impacts the teeth at odd angels, making it especially destructive.  The results can be horrifying!  Some people wear down their teeth to the gum line, others end up with cracked teeth.  Teeth grinding can also cause migraines, sore muscles, and is a major contributor to TMJ disorders.  The only way most people know they are grinding their teeth is when a spouse, loved one, or dentist tells them they are.  After all, they are asleep when doing so, right?  If you think you are grinding, or even wondering if you are, talk to your dentist about having a custom made night guard made for you.  Protect your teeth and dental restorations!



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